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Message From Our D.D.G.M

Brethren- As you made of heard or maybe not,Grand Lodge has cancelled the communications this July in Toronto. We had a virtual meeting with the Grand Master and all the DDGMs throughout Ontario and he informed us that we would be continuing our term in our districts as his representative from Grand Lodge. I will continue to serve the district until July 2021. It has been a great pleasure and I will continue to serve the district in this office with brotherly love and harmony which I demonstrated to our great fraternity. There’s alot of unanswered questions that I have no answers for but as time goes on the picture will get clear. The decision that the Grand Master made is the only solution to ensure the safety of the brethren. Everyone will remain in their perspective office in the lodge. When the time comes, we’ll iron out our schedules and get back to work. We all made it this far to date and we’ll make it great again. I’m sure that everyone is anxious but we must tread lightly to ensure safety and consider others. Normal life we were accustomed to won’t be normal anymore. This will take time to adapt to.

Wor.Bro Peter Duns will remain the district’s Secretary and the District Chairmen will also remain in their respective position if they wish. As we start to open up it’s imperative that we have a open communication between the lodges and myself. The Grand Secretary is preparing answers for queries that will arise and ensured us that the constitution will continue to guide us to the success that we have as a fraternity. All we can do for know is to continue to ride out this storm. I’m looking forward to continuing my term and look forward to greeting you once again and thank you for your continued support.

R.W Paul Isaac

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